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Professional trade fair catering in Hanover

by fresh & joy

Fair Catering Hanover – the term “menu” fits together like entrée, plats et dessert, like the delicious dip on hearty finger food. After all, our city is synonymous with trade fairs, especially major and world-leading trade fairs. But also for culinary delights.

Ask anyone between Hamburg and Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin, what they associate with Hanover. As an answer you will hear statements like: “I go there every year for the trade fair…”. No wonder: From the carpet trade fair “Domotex” to the wood trade fair “Ligna” to the world-famous “Hannover Messe”, many of the largest events and world-leading trade fairs take place on the huge trade fair and expo grounds here. Many still remember “CeBit”
and “Expo 2000”!

And in the evening? Many exhibitors and visitors are drawn to Hanover’s top restaurants and starred restaurants. The “Guide Michelin” lists some first-class addresses. But who says that first-class delicacies cannot – indeed should not – be served at the trade fair itself? Especially at the trade fair. On busy days! For demanding employees and visitors!

More about our trade fair catering

Messe Catering Hannover - mehr über unser Standcatering erfahren

Stand catering

Interesting conversations, many visitors, exciting business deals, new products – there is always a lot going on at a trade fair. Professional stand catering, such as that offered by fresh & joy from the Hanover region, ensures a hospitable and comfortable setting at the exhibition stand.

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Conference service

Are you planning a conference, a larger meeting, a longer meeting, a convention or a seminar in your company? Then our catering is ideally suited for the perfect conference service. You can look forward to our friendly and professional full service.

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Beverage service Hanover

Are you looking for a competent and diverse drinks delivery service? Then the offer from fresh & joy is just right. In addition to tasty sandwiches and finger food or a delicious business lunch, we offer a large selection of drinks for your event or trade fair appearance.

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Catering equipment

In addition to drinks and delicious food, perfect catering also includes the catering equipment. We at fresh & joy offer everything from A-Z for your event, from the work table to cutlery and coffee machine to all accessories. As a customer, you are king and can rent everything you need for a successful appearance.

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Business catering Hannover

Are you looking for the best offer for professional business catering in Hanover? Then you’ve come to the right place at fresh & joy. We make your event unique in a very individual way. Your guests will be spoiled with high-quality catering at the planned event.

Hanoverian appetizers – crisp freshly created, stylishly served

fresh & joy – our name says it all. Fresh – we don’t have to explain freshness any further? But we do. Crisp and fresh products with ingredients from the region, that is our credo.

Regionality does not only mean freshness. It also stands for sustainability. An important factor at a time when trade fairs are becoming climate neutral. So we can contribute to your “green appearance” as an exhibitor with our trade fair catering Hanover. And when your guests lick their fingers for the fishy products, this will surely bring you a smile.

Speaking of – a smile: fresh & joy sets the highest standards in the selection of its service personnel. Joy means cheerfulness, and that’s exactly what our teams convey. They do not push themselves into the foreground, but they are present. On request, they encourage trade fair visitors to stop and linger at the stand with a friendly smile and a nice delicacy.

Good communication skills are part of their repertoire. We take this for granted when selecting applicants. As well as a high level of general education and knowledge of the most
common foreign languages. After all, if our staff is on duty at your stand for the visitors, they are also a figurehead for your brand. If they primarily serve your employees, they relieve your team. It is no coincidence that “trade fair hostesses” are the first steppingstone of many careers! Convince yourself: Your next appearance with Trade Fair Catering Hanover will be proverbial “fresh & joy”.

What distinguishes a good trade fair catering?

Good trade fair catering Hanover not only provides. It makes everyday life easier and lifts the spirits. Because – hand on heart – a trade fair appearance is not just a pleasure. The stand is often cramped. The day is long, the breaks short. The air in the halls is sometimes stuffy. The light is not always atmospheric. Music, show noise or a babble of voices drone from the neighboring stands. For three, four, five days – from morning to night. And then there are the appointments.

And yet the trade show appearance must be perfect. After all, it’s about a high-quality showcase for your company, your brand, your products – and your employees. Everything must be coherent down to the last detail. Including the food and drinks for your team and
your stand visitors. That’s why our trade fair catering Hanover rounds off your appearance perfectly!


The visitor perceives and remembers the overall picture. Your employees need to have both hands free. They should be able to focus on presenting and networking. Both parties need to feel comfortable – your visitors as well as you and your team. In short: The catering, the trade fair catering Hanover, is as important as the booth design and the presentation!

Especially at trade shows, booth space is often very limited and expensive. Especially small and medium-sized companies must calculate. What does that mean for us and our trade fair Catering Hanover? Even on the smallest space our fair catering Hanover service must run like clockwork. Often there are no dining tables – and the kitchen behind the presentation wall is small and narrow. No problem: Simply choose from our selection of meals “standing up”. We serve it discreetly when you need it and take a moment to enjoy it.

Trade fairs in Hanover at a glance

Messe Catering bei der Infa Hannover

infa Hanover

“Discover, experience, shop” – that is the motto of the infa Hannover. The largest experience and shopping fair in Germany has been around since 1954. At that time the fair was still called the Lower Saxony Home Economics State Exhibition. The name “infa” means information fair for families.

Messe Catering bei der Agritechnica Hannover

Agritechnica Hanover

More than 400,000 visitors come to Hanover every two years for the world’s largest agricultural technology trade fair. Then the industry will exhibit its innovations at the Agritechnica Hanover at the international trade exhibition on the extensive exhibition grounds in the Lower Saxony state capital.

Messe Catering bei der Pferd und Jagd Hannover

Horse and hunt Hanover

Horse lovers, hunters, fishermen, athletes, landowners and many other interested people meet every year in December for Europe’s largest exhibition on the subjects of horseback riding, hunting and fishing. The horse and hunt Hanover at the exhibition center of Messe AG in Hanover then attracts thousands of visitors to the stands.

Messe Catering auf der EMO Hannover

EMO Hanover

The world’s leading trade fair for production technology, EMO Hanover, takes place in the two-year cycle “Hanover-Hanover-Milan”. The “WHO-IS-WHO” of production meets at the EMO on the huge exhibition center in the Lower Saxony state capital.

Messe Catering auf der Hannover Messe

Hanover tradefair

The Hanover Fair has been held at the Hanover Fairgrounds since 1947. It is one of the most important industrial fairs with great international importance. More than 200,000 guests visit the fair every year to find out about the latest in the fields of industry, technology and IT.

More about the fair catering Hanover

Your food and beverage selection should correspond to two things:

  • Your brand and your self-presentation
  • The target group expectations of the trade fair visitors.

You represent a star hotel chain on a fair for event organizers? fresh & joy trade fair Catering Hanover serves you finesses which are to be associated with haute cuisine. Do you represent a vacation region at a consumer vacation fair? Then the selection can also stand for a rustic mountain hut, to name just one example.


Put together your trade fair catering Hanover quite simply online. The minimum order quantity is 40 portions. We deliver in-time at your booth! Sandwiches or the finest gourmet snacks: the choice is yours. Let us inspire you! Some examples from our trade fair catering Hanover offer:

  • Buffets with starters, main courses and desserts
  • Colorful salad platters
  • Delicious soups
  • Delicious snacks
  • Colorful wraps
  • Exquisite spinach and salmon rolls
  • The “top” taco station
  • Fine sweet potato gnocchi
  • Vegan dumplings in umpteen variations
  • Crêpe rolls with smoked salmon

… and much more. We will be happy to put together your individual desired creations.

What would you like to accompany it? Homemade lemonade? Mineral water? Spritzers? Coffee or a coffee bar with a barista? Or a cocktail bar? Choose the one that suits you best. Either in the form of an individual beverage flat rate or according to consumption.

You are also welcome to take advantage of our advice for your trade fair catering Hanover. For example, whether you prefer to order cold or hot food is also a question of space at the stand and your planning. If the refrigerator is large enough, we can cover your need for cold food with one delivery. Otherwise, we will provide “regular replenishment”. Trade fair catering Hanover is as much a part of the trade fair planning as the stand design and staffing.

Imagine you represent a premium or luxury brand. “The Mercedes among the …”, as the saying goes. Or even “the one with the star on the hood”. It is about high visitor expectations, possibly high contract conclusions.

Your visitors expect noble, comfortable lounge furniture with high-quality design. But certainly not folding chairs or beer garden sets. It’s different at a consumer fair: There, hearty beer garden furniture can be quite inviting. In any case: ambience equals brand claim.

What does this mean for your trade fair catering Hanover? fresh & joy always has the right furniture ready for small or medium-sized events – and thus also for most trade fair stands. Larger quantities, big appearances – or company parties? No problem either. fresh & joy has access to a network of high-performance partners in the trade fair rental furniture industry. Even design classics from Italy or Scandinavia such as the “lem” bar stools, “Thonet” chairs or “Cassina” lounges are part of the repertoire here.

The fresh & joy range also includes fine or practical tableware and cutlery – from rustic breadboards to fine gold-rimmed plates. Plus, wine and beer glasses, champagne glasses, cocktail glasses and shakers, coffee services, silver cutlery and much more.

Your trade fair team needs to be catered for and would like to enjoy themselves as well as work. Stand visitors want to be spoiled. And then there is the classic: the fair party. No matter if you book us as exhibitor, event agency or fair organizer: There are plenty of
occasions and “takers” for your trade fair catering Hanover from fresh & joy!


What would the trade fair be without the well-known brands of the industry – and without their customers and buyers? How attractive an event is for exhibitors and visitors alike also depends on factors that go far beyond the “supporting program”. Catering is undoubtedly one of them. Whether for serving at the stand or at the relevant meeting points in the halls, in the corridors and in the outdoor area. Hanover as a trade fair location has a global reputation. With fresh & joy you contribute a piece to it.


Trade show days can be tough for visitors, too. They run their feet from hall to hall, must compare offers and conduct negotiations, and collect bags weighing kilos full of brochures. Employers and corporate customers expect results from them, too. After all, travel, tickets, hotel, expenses, and hospitality vouchers “cost”. The pressure of expectation can be great.

What are trade show visitors looking forward to? To delicious coffee from the barista. There at the bar, where the conversations are most relaxed. To the little delicacies that lighten the mood. Or to the invitation to the evening event with the finest trade fair catering Hanover. Whether at the stand or in a festive location in Hanover or in the surrounding area. By the way – not only your visitors are looking forward to it. Just ask your employees!


What would a trade fair be without the legendary party on the last or penultimate evening? All the tension of the last days falls off every guest, whether exhibitor or customer. There is already sometimes danced on the tables. This is where business contacts are deepened, where close customer relationships are forged.

Our catering service transforms the meeting point of the trade association or the hall café into an event location with all the culinary trimmings. fresh & joy trade fair catering offers you much more – in Hanover and the surrounding area!

  • Would you like to spoil your guests in a manor house at the Deister?
  • Would you like to invite the customers of your company to an impressive ballroom?
  • Or how about a romantic-dreamy moated castle in a rural ambience or a trendy loft
    station in Hanover for your fair guests?

fresh & joy offers more than “just” catering. Please contact us.

fresh & joy – that is trade fair catering and more. We cook daily and supply small and large companies and teams. Here with the delicious business lunch, there with the hearty breakfast or with fine canapés or the popular finger food for the conference break. Our “daily
bread” – besides trade fair catering – is the catering of events from 15 to 900 people. Today the dream wedding, tomorrow the private celebration or the company anniversary, the day after tomorrow your fair catering.

As a service for party and fair catering Hanover we attach importance to a modern, fresh, and creative kitchen. And on regionality and sustainability. Asparagus comes for us from Burgdorf and kale from the Weser-Ems region, to name just a few examples. Transparency is
another factor. We disclose all our ingredients. Just as we would like our hosts to do when we go out to eat in a restaurant. With us, you can get your food the way you want it, with pleasure also vegetarian, vegan, gluten- or lactose-free.

What else can you expect from us? Charming chefs and top-friendly as well as highly educated and trained service staff. They will be happy to accompany your trade fair appearance by the hour or by the day. Always in a good mood and with a smile. True to our name – fresh & joy.